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Spring lake lunkerThere’s always the great “fish tale” that anglers share behind the one that got away, but here’s the story of the six-pound bass that grabbed the five-inch Yamasenko worm I tossed out into the water early Friday afternoon.

I woke up late Friday morning thinking I should try to grab an hour or so of fishing before covering a baseball game in Sonoma County on Friday. I picked out a small lake. For those of you that don’t know, bass are the most popular game fish in the United States.

I had set up to go out last week but it didn’t work out with work and school, so I was ready to go. My mom told me before I left that I should bring something with me, like a bag or cooler, in case I catch a big fish. I told her, “I’ll just throw it back. I have go to work anyway.” I thought to myself, ‘I bet this is the time I catch a nice one…’

Go figure.

I brought a pair of poles with me. One, with six pound line, the other with 10-pound line. The light pole got the senko, the big pole a crawdad jig. I threw the jig out when I got there with no luck. So I swapped it out for the senko — the senko is the best worm to use for bass fishing, period.

On my first cast (or possibly second), not even 10 minutes into my adventure, wham! The bass smashed on the worm. With six-pound test, it took me about five minutes to reel him in. I was honestly thinking he would snap line because he was running into the weeds (I say ‘he’ though I believe it was a female bass) and my line was pretty light. I was amazed at the size of the fish from such a small lake, but figuring what had been caught at the lake before, I wasn’t too surprised.

When I got home, my mom rode me a bit for not bringing the trophy fish home, but I was honestly happy I had let it go. I do it for the game, the fight, the sense of accomplishment, because honestly, there have been days I’ve spent hours on the water and not caught anything, and this day I went out for an hour and caught one of the biggest fish in my life.

That’s what fishing is all about. You don’t know what you can catch until throw your line in the water, even for five minutes.


Written by pfournier

April 14, 2013 at 6:14 pm

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